I’ve discovered that every time I’ve reached a milestone I think I’m there, but there’s another there waiting for me.

Sara Benincasa

What are milestones?

Milestones can be thought of as stages in our lives. A marker or a turning point. For children milestones are used to determine levels and stages of development. Milestones happen rapidly at this time and slow down as we get older.

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”

Nelson Mandela


As adults we experience milestones differently. We transition from childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adulthood. We go from living with our parents to living out on our own. We go from school to entering our working lives. We are like birds flying from the nest. We are ready to stretch our wings and have experiences that enrich our existence. Some of us marry and/or have children while others of us take a different path.

“The moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars.”

Arthur C. Clarke

Dealing with the unexpected

Milestones and what they mean to each of us varies. We all remember these important markers in our lives in different ways. Sometimes in the midst of celebrating a milestone something may happen to jeopardize it. Events that we have no control over. For example a birthday or wedding can be remembered for all the wrong reasons. We hear bad news someone we know is gravely ill, there’s an accident, someone dies. The planned celebrations are put on hold; put to the back of our mind as we try to grapple with the unexpected.

“Life is not a matter of milestones, but moments.”

Rose Kennedy

Making a decision

As we cope with what’s happened we feel a sense of guilt. Should we go ahead with the celebration or delay it for a better time? When is a better time if we are dealing with a death for example? The best thing to do is to ask ourselves what our loved one would have wanted. It isn’t an easy decision to make, but I believe our loved ones would want us to celebrate. To get on with our lives and not put anything on hold for them.

“I look at victory as milestones on a very long highway.”

Joan Benoit

Life is a gift

No matter where life takes us we will have milestones marking our journey. Being born in itself is a milestone as is dying. Everything in between reminds us that life is for living; so enjoy those wonderful, precious moments and be grateful for this gift we call life.

Hmmm… What is the meaning of life?

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